$0.12 Frosted Flakes ! Thanks to @GTBoutique #Coupgon & @Checkout51

Frosted Flakes


Price Matching the Walmart Price to the Giant Tiger (Giant Tiger price matches and gives it to you for 1 cent less) IMG_3699Now the price of the Frosted Flakes is only $2.87 – $2.00 from Coupgon (An app that is like instant coupons and Giant Tiger accepts it) you can use it 3 times for the same item.IMG_3700 Now the Frosted Flakes cost you only $0.87 Each 🙂 How low can we go with that price? Lower!! Checkout51

has the cash back offers this week to get $0.75 Cash back for each box up to a max of 3 🙂 So now it’s $0.12 EACH!!!!!


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