$1.44 for Gain Flings & Tide! WHAH! #Tide #Gain

 $1.44 for Gain Flings & Tide! WHAH! #Tide #Gain

IMG_1274 Yep True story! For some odd reason Sobey’s stores tend to be liquidating all their pod size detergents. I have noticed over the last month or so different times I have gone into both my local Sobey’s and have seen 14 packs on for $3.44.

Previously I had a few coupons and picked some up. Since it has been a while I figured they were all scooped up as at $3.44, that’s not a bad deal.

Today when I was in my smaller Sobeys I looked up and down the detergent aisle and I noticed unless they were the Big Tubs of pods, they were on clerance for $3.44. I was prepared this time as I knew there were $2 coupons. Since you can only get so many prints per computer (2 per computer) and there are 2 places you can get them. Smart source on Coupon Nannie is where you can get them (you can print 2 Per coupon)  Visit the portal here to print your coupons! You can also get coupons off the P&G printable coupon portal (one per account) Visit the P&G portal here

I still had one left over from last time so I was able to score 10 laundry detergent.  Check your local Sobeys you may be pleasantly surprised

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  1. I love the flings and pods and whatever else those kinds of things are called. I remember the first sample I got of one. Every so often I went back to feel and smell it.

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