1 of 3 August Savings Challenge – How much do you pay for your Cell Phone each month? #Cellphone #Bills #CouponNannie

cellCell phones! We all have them….. are you paying too much!

Many people who have cell phones simply don’t look at the bill and pay the bill and think nothing of it! When is the last time you looked at your bill? Do you know what those charges are or how much they have changed? Are you paying for services your not using? Have you been told, “This is a better value or your save $3 by having a package? There have been tons of changes to bills, fees, etc in the cell phone industry however they won’t tell you unless you ask and they don’t automatically fix the fees.

Things to check to ensure your not over paying

  • Switch to E Bill if possible, not only is it better for the environment; most companies charge a $2 fee for a printed bill. That’s $24 a YEAR!!
  • If you cell phone plan/contract is more than 1 year old ensure your not being charged the old “System access fee” it varied anywhere from $3 to $7 per month on EACH line of your bill. This fee was eliminated by the CRTC. Ensure you bill doesn’t have this extra charge!
  • The “Package” deal where you get something like Visual Voice mail, Enhanced Call Display and unlimited texts for only $17 instead of $30! AMAZING DEAL you save $13!!  ——— Visual voice mail?? Really I can suck up punching in my 4 digit code and Enhanced call display….. Little secret MOST phones today if you have the name and phone number in your address book it will show up on your call display. I really don’t care if Roy’s picture come up when he calls. I only really need unlimited texts…… which is only  $5 a month……..so in reality I wasn’t saving any money I was wasting money.
  • Check the calling area of what your cell phone calls local coverage and not long distance. Example where I live if I were to use a home phone it would be long distance for me to call my mother, my sister, for Ty to call her sister. If I use the cell phone it’s not long distance it’s considered a local call.
  • Check the long distance plans with your cell phone company; they are normally significant lower than a house phone. I pay $5 a month for 500 long distance minutes. That is MUCH cheaper than the “package” deal you get from the local phone company.
  • Does everyone in your home already have cell phones? Why are you paying for a house phone? Let me guess…its bundled. (FYI BUNDLES are only cheaper if you actually NEED all the services)
  • Ask if they have cooperate discounts or loyalty discounts! They won’t tell you if you don’t ask!! Many cell phone companies have discounts if you work at a certain place, if you have been with them for so long, etc. You could be missing discounts or points or miles and not even realize it.
  • Insurance on your cell phone! Waste of money! All cell phones have a 1 year manufactures warranty. You can add an extended warranty at ANY TIME prior to the one year if you choose! The day before your warranty runs out YOU CAN add extended warranty if you choose. Regardless if you do choose a warranty your looking at $5 per month, plus when you get a new phone you need to pay a $50 co pay and you don’t get a brand new phone you get a refurbished phone. In the world of sim cards you can usually find most cell phones on Kijjii, other other classified site much cheaper.
  • If your paying for more than one phone line (Ex yours, the other halfs and 2 kids) check the usage on each line……. would a family plan be cheaper? Can you downgrade some of the plans?
  • Do not renew a contract unless your getting something for the length of the contract. If you have been with them for over 3 years and already getting a new phone why extra are they giving you for your loyalty? Ensure you get something whether it be early nights and weekends for free or free text messaging, free long distance minutes, a discount….. you won’t get it if you don’t ask:)
  • Ensure you look at a bill at least once every 45 days! You only have 60 days to dispute any charges on your bill otherwise the contract states you accept them and are responsible to pay them.
  • The first 2 things you should do when you call ANY company, Once they verify your information, verify theirs, ask them to spell their first name and you would also like their id (All employees have some sort of id that they can give out ) Employees are only required to give out their FIRST names, not their last. Getting this information at the beginning of the call with reduce “accidentally disconnections from the rep”, you will get better service and if an error is made you have a way to advise the supervisor which employee made the error. Before you hang up the call have the rep tell you what they did and ask them to read back the note the placed on the account. If you want anything noted on your account this is the time to do it.



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