1 of 3 – August Savings Challenge ! TV, Cable, Etc are you really getting the “Value”?

tvAugust Saving Challenge ! TV !

While many people do not watch TV, other who do have cable or satellite and have all kinds of wonderful reasons for paying the price the do or having all the services they do.

  • The kids need it
  • I need all those because it’s in the package.
  • I’m not  home so I need too record, etc.

I can almost guarantee you are paying for more; lots more than you actually watch!

Ask yourself these questions?

  • Do you pay for an “extra package” to get a channel?
  • Do you have “extra” channels and packages as it was “cheaper that way”
  • How many channels do you have because “ONE” of your favorite shows are on that channel?

Over the past year I have had Bell Satellite, Using the Internet Only, Eastlink Cable, Shaw Satellite. We have had PVR’s and/or DVR’s in every room (those are the things that record programs), we have had all the extra packages, add ons for all the services at one point in time.


Ever want a single channel and they tell you the price of it and educated you that if you get the package which has 7 channels its a much better value! YOU”LL SAVE MONEY!!

Ever want 2 Packages and get a “Better deal” because you got the 5 instead!


Yeah FYI Your not getting a better deal. If I only like A&E and that channel is $2.95 but I can get a package for $4.95 that has more channels……I don’t watch the other channels so why pay for them. Why would I pay $2 MORE for something I don’t need. It’s not a better its a waste of YOUR money!

One packages is $4.95 or you can get 3 for only $7.95! Why are you spending that extra money for things you don’t watch!

Even more savings! Really think about what you watch! Do you have a channel for just one show?? Example……I like General Hospital, I often record it as I can’t watch it for one reason or another when it’s on. Yeah….well that’s the ONLY show on that channel i really watched….. I realized I can watch ANY episode of General Hospital on Youtube! Yep. I can do a search and get several different options for FREE!!

My daughter who is 11, when we were adding satellite  back informed us if it was going to cost extra to have put in her room don’t bother as anything she likes to watch she can find online.


Take a moment and think about what programs you actually watch, check the packages you have and see where your paying for something you don’t need!

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