10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Heating & Keep You Warm! #LowerHeating

10 Simple Ways to Lower Your Heating & Keep You Warm!

We all know heating and electric bills can break the bank. I have previously come up with a few tips on how to lower your electric bills  now you need the tips to bring down those heating bills while keeping warm!

There are various ways to save on heating from no cost fixes to little cost.

snowPlace snow around your house; you may, it works as insulation 🙂 Make sure your not covering any vents.It is a great way to keep out the wind and keep things toasty. Cost to you? A little elbow grease piling snow against foundation.



sweatersWear warm clothes, ensure inside make sure you wear sweaters, socks & slippers. You have them so you might as well wear them. Cost to you? Nothing! Look in your closet!

close door





Close off your rooms your not using:) Why are you heating the spare bedroom if you have no guests? Cost to you? Nothing )



rugRe arranger your furniture so they are not covering vents, place your couch on inside walls so it’s not cold! Cost to you? Nothing except some elbow grease to move stuff around.


Place Rugs & Mats on the floor to keep them warm! Cost to you? You can find some low cost rugs at Walmart & Giant Tiger. You can get some low cost mats at the Dollar store. All these help!

ceiling fan


Did you know putting your ceiling fan on low; clockwise helps keep the heat where you want it 🙂 Cost to you? Nothing ………… well unless you don’t have a fan.

door sweepInstall a door sweep to keep drafts from under the door. You can sometimes get them at the Dollar Store; if not at the Hardware store! You can make them too! Simply take take an old pair of panty hoses and put some rice in it or old fabric and tie the end. This stops draft or even snow from under a door )  Cost to you? Low cost if you buy things or no cost if you make it!




Plastic over the windows can help to reduce drafts! You can easily pick some up a the Dollar Store. Cost to you? You can buy a package for approx $2 at the Dollar Store enough to do a few windows!




Make sure you have some great lined curtains or some that are extra thick. I picked up some great thick curtains at Giant Tiger. If you have a vent or heater under the window; use some tape on the back of the curtain at the bottom and tape it to the wall so that your heat is not escaping! Cost to You? Depends on where you get your curtains. I have long windows and got some amazing thick curtains at Giant Tiger for $10 a panel!


themomatorTurn down your thermostat to save money. Every degree you turn down your temperature it is a 3% heating savings!! Try turning it down even 1 degree at a time will allow you to save money and adjust to the change in temperature At night or times you are not home turn your head down even more for larger savings! .Cost to You? No cost to you.



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