2 FPC – Free Product Coupon from Kandoo? Anyone else get this?

IMG_7185 (480x640) IMG_7186 (480x640)I was very excited to get this today from Kandoo 🙂 I’m happy two FPC ~ Free product coupons~ instead of samples and $1 coupons. 🙂

What has me totally baffled is the envelope!! I ALWAYS use my real name when signing up for coupons, samples, contests etc. I only use Coupon Nannie when dealing with sponsors, etc. I do recall promoting this (on our old site as it was back in February)…. Gotta Love it…… THEY FOUND ME !!!

This offer is no longer available however they do have great coupons that are good to go by clicking here to view past posts on Kandoo 🙂

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