20 Bonus Air Miles!

titlescreen_bg-01AIR MILES®† Offer Terms and Conditions

Offer exclusive to AIR MILES Collectors who initiate and play the youandme discovery game, enter a valid AIR MILES Collector Number and hit submit.
Offer is limited to the first 20,000 eligible AIR MILES respondents or until 11:59:59 p.m. on May 31, 2013, whichever occurs first.
For clarity purposes, to be the initiator of the game, you must start the game at www.healthyandhappy.com/youandme.html, select the person you wish to be completing the game about, and follow the online instructions to submit the game. Players who subsequently complete the game about themselves from a link in an email provided by a friend are not eligible to earn the AIR MILES offer. You must be the initiator of the game to be eligible for the AIR MILES offer.
Participant must provide a valid AIR MILES Collector Number to qualify for the offer.
Limit of 1 Offer per AIR MILES Collector Account.
Offer is subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice.
Please allow 4-6 weeks for reward miles to be posted to your Collector Account.
Participants in the youandme™ online game must be the age of majority in order

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