$200 in Brand Name Footwear $60ish Out of Pocket ~ Learn how to stack Online Offers !


One of the biggest things people love to do is stack as many offers as possible to get the lowest possible price. In store it’s not as common but online; the deals you can get are unbelievable!!! My plan today was to find something for my feet for winter, living in Nova Scotia we get snow, it gets cold. I have sneakers and I have my UGG boots (Amazing deal I got those for a few years ago) but I needed something else.

I have Paypal like many people who shop online and I got one of those amazing emails for a discount at a special discount if i paid via Paypal at this store! paypal emailSo I am thinking well it’s worth a look for that. Off I go to Shoeme.ca and see it’s their Birthday WHOOH! That means they have a sale! WHOOH! Love Sales! If you use Coupon code BDAY30 you get 30% off sale price only until July 31st !!

I know for the Paypal offer to work (I read the terms) your total needs to be $100 Before Taxes and after any coupons, etc………….. sooooooooooo I figured I would throw stuff in my shopping cart and see what I could come up with 🙂

  • Crocs $30 20% OFF $24 (For me incase the dogs eat my other pair lol or for next summer)
  • Converse $59.99 20% off is $47.99 (For me for when I don’t want to wear my Sketchers which are more for active )
  • Keds Womens $40 50% $19.95 (My daughter Ty Loves shoes so shhhhhhhhhhhhhh)
  • Sketchers $65.00 20% off $52.00 (Happy to get something for my feet for the winter ~ see I never got toooo distracted lol)

These prices reflect the regular sale 🙂 Now to apply the 30% off Code 🙂

shoe.caI have been asked MANY MANY times how Paypal Special Offers worth and How you know if they are applied or not.

These next 2 pictures should provide some clarification for everyone!!




paypalspecialofferWHOOH So at end of day out of my pocket including tax and FREE Shipping I will pay $65.87 (approx the retail cost of the boots I was going to buy not including tax)

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