200 Openings for Checkout 51 PC VERSION!!! Coupon Nannie EXCLUSIVE!!! !! Space is VERY LIMITED!!!

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I just got an amazing email from Noah, the genius founder of Checkout51!!!

For the last few months, we’ve been working away on a web version of Checkout 51 to allow anyone with a camera or scanner (no need for a smartphone anymore!) to have an account, upload receipts, and save on groceries. And now it’s ready for a limited number of people outside of our office to give it a try.

Since you’ve been such a HUGE supporter of ours from the start, we want to give your readers first access to this web version of Checkout 51. Interested? If so, we’ve created a special link just for your fans and the first 200 that sign up through this link before Saturday at 11:59pm ET are guaranteed a spot.


! CLick this special link to register!

Click here for more info on Checkout51

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