2/3 of your money back in your pocket Thanks to my BFF’s @Coupgon & @GTBoutique

CoupgonShop!!Coupgon is quickly becoming my BFF (Best friend forever)

The key to saving money is to learn how to combine your flyer deals, apps and more to get the items your family needs at the lowest possible price!

Today Giant Tiger & Coupgon helped me saved a TON!! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Where you have breakfast you have dishes! These are staples in any household.

  • 3 Fruit Loops Reg $4.99 on sale for $2.88 and Coupgon has $2 instant coupons making them $0.88 (Why only 3? Coupgon allows 3 per item)
  • 3 Pancake Mix Reg $3.49 on Sale for $2.50 – $1 instant Coupgon so $1.50 Each 🙂
  • 3 Aunt Jemima Syrup Reg $3.57 on sale for $2.50 – $1 Instant Coupgon so $1.50each!
  • 3 Palmolive  Reg $2.47 on Sale for $1.99 – $1 Instant Coupgon making them $0.99 Each 🙂


Purchasing these items at Regular Price: $43.50

Purchasing these items at Sales Price is $29.61

Just watching sales would save you $13.89

Purchasing these items at sales price and using Coupgon would cost! $14.31

That’s almost $30 LESS than Regular Price & $15.00 Cheaper off the sales price by using Coupgon.

2/3 of your money back in your pocket!

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