24 Hour Flash Giveaway ~ Helps us Help You ~ We’ll all win !!

IMG_6138 (480x640)Help Us Help You & Be Rewarded !

It’s sooooooooo simple! Since we are starting Fresh at CouponNannie.CA we don’t have access to any of our old stuff; so we need your help!

Comment either in the comments section OR under this post on Facebook ~ Whichever is Easier~

We need missing information for:

  • Current Instant Win
  • Current Daily Entry
  • Monday Only Giveaways ; Eg today was Milk Monday at Oh Dairy but lots of others ~ we forget!
  • Tuesdays we know are Tampax Tuesday but what other Tuesday only events are our there we need to remember. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday….you get the point!!
  • Do you have a referral link for Topboxes or any of those programs?
  • Any survey sites we may not be aware of?
  • A freebie we don’t know about?

How to get your chance to Win this $10 Gift Card:

  • You can comment multiple times however only one update per post
  • Duplicates do not count, eg if you see someone already posted Swagbucks, don’t post it too.
  • You can post in comments here OR on Facebook; we check both.
  • 24 hours from now we’ll choose a random comment to score!


**FYI *After the giveaway if you see your comment removed; its only because we shared it on the correct page of our site for others to find **


  1. I highly recommend PineCone research if you can get in.. no pay for referrals, but they pay cash for every survey you do.

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