3 Coupons in the Lunch Mate Boxes! One Mail to address – Do you need to use all 3 coupons at once??

lunchmateLunch Mate New Coupons Inside

Everyone is Super Excited to see the Great Promo by Lunchmate that has $8 in Coupons!

Being the sharp peeps we are; it didn’t take long for many people to realize the issue 🙁

The bottom row has 3 Amazing separate coupons however there is only one mail to instructions for retailers. Who wants to use all 3 coupons at once? Most coupon policies (just about every policy I have seen requires a Canadian mail address on each coupon)

I contacted Lunch mate who contacted me back very quickly “Hi Dana – We’ll look into this further for you and will be in touch shortly. Thanks! – Maxine”  soooooooo while we wait for that I thought I would ask the stores around here what their input was on the coupon.

Sobeys was my first stop! Due to the fact it was being cut from a package from a product they sold in store and it was not a printed coupon or something that could be easily duplicated and that the bottom coupons each clearly had the expiry date on each coupon they would have no problem accepting any of these coupons 🙂

Super Store was my next stop and they pretty much said the same thing as above and suggested that you keep that bottom party that shows the mail to address in your coupon binder, wallet or pocket just in case someone needs the mail to address.

These were the only 2 stores in my area I checked. When I hear back from Lunch Mate I’ll be sure to let you know 🙂

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