3 Important Savings Tips I learned about #Sears HUGE SALES

IMG_8438 (462x640)I went to go pick up Roy’s Snow Blower from Sears

I ordered him for his Birthday Coming up! IMG_8431 (480x640)Click here to read the post on how I got it down to $130 out of pocket 🙂 Anyways the lady at Sears is awesome, she informs me if I forget to use a coupon when I make my purchase online or when I call on the phone. I can still use it when I pick up the items 🙂 They just do it like a credit voucher!! SOOOOOO Because there was another small order I had she said the total for the 2 orders was $150… YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a coupon that saves me $30 WUS $150.!!! WHOOH! So…….. At the end of the day the Snow Blower cost me $100 !!!

As any good Saving minded consumer would as I was leaving the store I noticed just about EVERYTHING in the store had red clearance stickers and there were signs that said 40 Percent more on lowest price with your credit card or 30 percent off more with other….  Oh Yeah! My daughter Tylia LOVES her new coat……. her nosy like me……. peeled all the stickers off way down until she found the original price of $79.99 !! We paid!!! Are you ready $17.49!! Than even though I ordered Devyn another snow suit (which I’ll be sending back lol) This one rocked in price! Would have been $22.49 however I bought the first coat in a different transaction and scored a $5 coupon sooo so $17.49!!


3 Important Savings Tips I learned 🙂

  • If you use your Sears Card you earn Points on the regular price of the item even if you pay a sales price 🙂
  • Sears Coupons are PLUS tax so a $5 coupon really saves you more (whatever the tax rate in your province on top of the $5
  • If you don’t have a coupon when you place a catalog order you can use the coupon when you pick up the item 🙂


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  1. Awesome! I remember last summer at the Warehouse Clearance sales, I got myself three different pairs of sandals for between $10-$15 and they all originally were over $50 or $60 each!

    Though it does irk me when some stores give a bigger sale discount with a credit card. I don’t have an active credit card and intend to keep it that way!

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