Tips to cutting Newspaper & Magazine Subscriptions in HALF!!!

newspaperWant to read your favorite newspaper or magazine but the price is just too much for your budget?

What if I told you there is a way you can cut any magazine subscription or newspaper for 1/2 price!

Currently many print magazines and newspapers are pushing for more digital subscribers and less print subscribers; as a result just about every magazine and newspaper in print if you order the subscription (of the print version) you get the digital version Free as well. There hopes is that eventually everyone will be happy with digital as print fades away. In the meantime take advantage of this opportunity and share with a friend!

If your parents for example prefer the Physically morning paper as many do; and you have your iPad with you everywhere……. why not  pay 1/2 their subscription fee and you enjoy the digital version while your parents continue the physical version and you both SAVE 🙂

Have 2 Teenagers that both like the same magazine but aren’t willing to share? One gets paper one gets digital……. Neither has to share!

Another idea. I know here in Truro, we have the Truro Daily News, however many people also subscribe to the Chronicle Herald (the provincial newspaper) as well. One person order one and the other person order the other and make a deal to switch at a certain time each day. You both get the benefit of both papers and don’t have to pay full price!

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