OH OH OH – Vaction of Sorts – Your going to get sooooooooo excited!!

VACATION Vacation of Sorts!

Over the next week, I’m putting myself on Vacation of sorts! I’m still in the background however due to it’s Summer, It’s hot, the fall down the stairs didn’t help either 🙂 We have some Amazing Partnerships in the works! It appears to be one of those weeks where everyone is working on their to do list at the same time!

You may or many not have noticed some of the new buttons on the main blog http://couponnannie.ca That’s only the very beginning! There are TONS of Extra special Discount Shopping, Coupons, Freebies, Product Reviews and more on the way! There will be some great guest bloggers contributing to Coupon Nannie in the very near future – designed to save you even more!. Coupon Nannie will be contributing to a variety of other media sources guest articles as well for some very well. These partnerships are designed to combine our knowledge, skills, & resources to give all Canadians the best products, value and input for the products and services they use every day.

These opportunities are coming to us all due to everyone’s contributions on our Facebook page, Twitter & our Blog ! Everyone works together to help each other with the saving and sharing!

Over the next week I’m not gone I’m just trying to get everything updated, set up, signed, etc…… If your looking for my secrets on where I get all the amazing products to review, surveys for  cash and prizes and more…… Search through the site;  You’ll see lots Coupon Nannie is associated with 🙂

Glenna & I Appreciate all your support over the Last year…….. We are just getting Warmed up! I can guarantee many great saving opportunities are coming your way!!

Rumor has it……… Coupon Nannie fans like Free Product Coupons……. hmmmmm


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