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Points Card ~ Who is Getting Your rewards ~

Points CardsIt is great to have rewards cards to get those extra points on your purchases so that you can redeem for discounts or free stuff or even money off.

It’s super great that some allow you to just give you phone number to get your points if you forgot your card, but is that allowing someone to steal your points?

One thing that happens when you get points on your purchases, is yes it does allow them to be able to see your purchasing history, and how you shop as a shopper.  They know your shopping patterns. Which many may think it is bad, but it works out good if someone steals your points!

Canadian Tire is one of those points programs that you can give your phone number to earn points but you are SUPPOSE to need your card to redeem. Some in Truro, on 2 occasions I am aware, have redeemed my points recently for just over $50! I was saving it to redeem for something for the kids for outside in their “playground” as they say.

The good news is, I called them and got transferred to the security department. I will get my points back, as they were able to tell from the fact that I always pay with credit card (to get extra points) and whomever redeemed paid cash. They were also redeeming my points at one cash while I was paying for items at another cash at the EXACT same time one day.

I don’t want you to need to go through so much or miss out on points, I may have missed out on more but this was the first time I noticed it (probably because it was such a large amount). This was also I had a nice call with security too.

These are tips you can use not just for points cards but for credit cards:

  • Keep the numbers of the cards and the # on the back of the card in a secure place (if they get stolen how else will you have either number to report)
  • Store the phone numbers to report them stolen in your phone (not your actual credit card # but the phone numbers to report them stolen) that way if your wallet gets stolen and you still have your phone, you can call and report them as soon as possible to avoid less hassle.
  • Keep your receipts for your purchases for a month, when your credit card bill comes in check with all your receipts to make sure you don’t have extra charges, check your points balances with your receipts)
  • Call them as soon as you notice mistakes, most credit cards, points programs and even utility bills will not fix or investigate things past 60 days as they assume you have checked and accepted the charges.
  • Register your cards online if that is an option to monitor all your transactions such as the Canadian Tire e-Money card.
  • If you do not work, retired or are on disability, take a close look at the “insurance” on your credit cards, most are there only to pay the minimum payment on your credit card should you not be able to work due to injury. If you already don’t work, retired or disabled you don’t quality for the benefits but might be paying the premiums. Check your bill for these charges, they can be about $1 per $100 however if you have a balance of $1000 you could be paying $10 a month, $120 a year for something you cannot even benefit from.

** If you are thinking of redeeming someone’s points, please note you can be charged with fraud and/or theft or both** Stores may also choose to place restrictions on your ability to enter their establishments as well.

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