A Winning Valentine Story for our Fans at CouponNannie & CanadianBasics :)

imagesHappy Valentine’s Day to All our CouponNannie & CanadianBasic Fans!!


The next holidays on the calendar is St. Patty’s Day or Easter! Depending on what you celebrate! Even if you don’t celebrate them you can be sure that companies will have great giveaways and promotions going on prior to these holidays! What better way to increase your chances than by having this amazing RoboForm Software to enter giveaways even quicker! You can also rest assure that all your holidays pictures are safe too! Click Here to get those FREE Daily Entries in! 3 WINNERS!!

Let the kids get some WINS too! While Valentine’s cards are nice for them! Imagine the joy of them finding the mail man bringing them a special package that you won for them! Click Here to get those entries in (low entries) so GREAT odds!

Have a hard day? Lay back on the couch and relax…..but wait! Get rid of the fur baby hair first with the Swipet Click here to win it now!!

Ewwwwe all sweaty from cleaning the couch? Why not enjoy a nice shower and use your Cetaphil body wash and cream to have an itch free day! Good thing you entered to win one of the many kits by clicking here!

WAIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! don’t put the cream on yet!!! You need to wax those model to be legs!! (just got with me on this lol) Score your Wax here!!!

As you leave the bathroom…….. you smell something……..Oh my it smells sooooooommmmmmmmmm good! What can it be?? Could it be Bassili’s Lasagna ?? Click here to score those coupons!! Oh oh do I smell Strawberry Cheese Cake made with Stahlbush Island Farms Strawberries that was won by clicking here  Oh oh You better pop back in that bathroom to apply some Zax’s Dark Circle Cream you won by clicking here!

You come back out and go into the kitchen and see your Copy of Canadian Living Magazine on the table that you won by entering here and realize that cheese cake looks like one of the recipes in the magazine!  You see a box………. hmmmmmmmmmmm wonder what could be in it! You open it and see a Beautiful Believe necklace! Looks like the one someone won by entering the contest here?

But who could have done this? Not the other half………….as they wouldn’t have been able to get all this done with their serve back problems…….unless!! Did they win the Lakota Prize and fix their back pain!!  WAIT! You hear a KNOCK!! You open the Door and guess who it is???????????????? No idea as all you can see is a body but the head is a Beautiful bouquet of Flowers from Teleflora!

What’s Next!!?????????????? Keep an eye out you never know when the story may continue 🙂

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