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  About Us!

about usWho is Coupon Nannie?

My name is Dana and I live in North River, Nova Scotia; with my husband Roy,  on the east coast of Canada! Between us we have 5 girls & 1 boy 🙂 The youngest is 4 and the oldest is 26. In between there is 6, 17, 22 (only male), 23 & 26 year old. We have two beautiful granddaughter Sophia who is 4 & Adyson who is 3 and have added our only grandson Alexander who is 15 months old. 

Roy is disabled, he’s knees are gone after too many years fishing on the Atlantic Ocean and building & maintaining those huge wind turbines (did you know you could get inside those). He is very much a hands on Dad. I am currently an at home mom who  loves spending time with my children, grandchildren and pets 🙂

We also have 6 dogs! No that was no a misprint; it’s true. 10421138_10154368219940078_8673467332169810554_nThey are all mini size dogs but two , Willow the Shitz-zhu, Princess the toy Poodle,  Duke  the PomaPoo, Bella the teacup Yorkie, and than we have Cain the Great Pyrenees and Emma the Maremma. We have 7 cats as well as some farm animals and even budgies.

I really enjoying saving money and helping others to save money. There are tons of opportunity to try the best quality products, get access to tons of money saving coupons, get money back, get the lowest price possible and win incredible stuff!

More About Us !

What is Coupon Nannie?

CouponNannie is your one stop savings blog for Canada wide savings. Coupon Nannie is more than just coupons! We offer tips on how to save on your every day expenses, making the most of your loyalty cards, finding coupons for both online and offline savings. We can guide you to where they retailers hide their amazing deals and how often they will even pay you to take it home! We get access to exclusive content direct from the brands which allows you to get access to product trials, product reviews and amazing giveaways!  We test products and let you know how great they are and if they are what fits your family. We try to keep up on the latest social media and have presence on Twitter, Facebook and even Pinterest!

Is Coupon Nannie just for Canada?

Coupon Nannie primary focus is Canada however many offers, giveaways and content is valid for US and International Readers as well. Coupon Nannie was birthed in Truro, Nova Scotia, a small peninsula on the East Coast of Canada 🙂 Coupon Nannie networks with many others across the country to find you offers and deals you can use anywhere in Canada.

What sort of things can I expect from Coupon Nannie?

  • Access to surveys and product reviews that allow you to try and influence brand decisions before they hit the stores shelves.
  • Sneak Peeks of Flyers, Coupons and Products before they are released which allows you to plan your shopping to save the most
  • Tips, Trick and Rebates to save on your every day expenses such as heat, water, oil, cell phone and more!
  • Become a master of your loyalty programs such as Optimum Points & Air miles and get the top possible benefits from your programs!
  • Online & Offline Coupons that can be used to save hundreds of your purchases every month. We find the all the coupons they mail to you, you can print them off, or even have them sent to your phone or email.
  • Learn what products will give you cash back, the apps that allow you to scan your receipts and get a cash back, list of mail in rebates, on packaging promotions and how pin codes can mean free products and services for you.
  • Get introduced to wonderful sites that allow you to share receipts, give your thoughts on recent products and services and get a little something for your time.
  • Get the Real Scoop and the latest products and services with our hottest reviews and with great chances for you to win.
  • We keep up to date on the latest instant win, contests, sweepstakes and giveaways across Canada. You can’t win unless you try 🙂
  • Advice, tips & great articles from saving money to kids toys.

How do you get all the offers?

Coupon Nannie & her team search the internet finding the best offers and savings out there and post them here in one central location to save you the time of searching all over the place trying to find them. We know your time is precious so we try to do the work for you. Some of the content is “sponsored content” which means you may have been paid, or given products and services in exchange for writing content about that particular brand. Important note: All opinions expressed are solely the opinions of Coupon Nannie and/or associated bloggers.

How do I get the coupons or freebies?

Simple follow the links in the post by clicking them; follow the sponsors instructions. CouponNannie does not send out the coupons, samples, or contests; Coupon Nannie gathers the offers valid in Canada and puts them all in one place for you. We occasionally have contests were we do provide the prize however those are clearly labelled!

Are all offers legit?

We research the offers as best as possible and only post those offers we find that appear to be genuine. If we are alerted to any offers that are not valid we will be sure to update you as soon as we know

Do companies  tell you what to say?

No, we do this because we love saving money and love helping others save money! When we do product reviews, we do receive an item free of charge to review, we are not told in any way what to say or what to not say. We are to give our honest opinions !

Are you affiliate with any other sites or groups?

That’s an excellent question! As of April 2013, Being proud Canadians we changed to a .ca domain name. Prior to that we were on another domain . Thus you found us at CouponNannie.Ca  CouponNannie on Facebook Click here to like us. Our coupon trading group is Nannie Chit Chat (Click here to find us) CouponNannie is on Twitter @TheCouponNannie Our Instagram @coupon_nannie  We are even on Pinterest @couponnannie

**We are only have affiliation with CouponNannie.CA and @TheCouponNannie on Twitter! No other similarities are us!

*All trademarks and copyrights belong to their respected licensed holders. Many background images largely found


  1. I am new to the site and i must say it is smashing. I love the layout and the colours it is very easy to navigate

  2. I just love the weekly match up, it helps me organize my coupons for my shopping and price matching

  3. I LOVE the weekly match up! It is a quick stop to see where my best deals are for the week and I can even take a chance and skip going through every flyer if I have a busy week!

  4. I love the weekly matchup… its more easy and convenient for all of us to do our shopping and save us time and money … thank U for everything

  5. I love the categories section … it offers an easy breakdown of subject, so we can find things quickly!

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