Amazing Deal on Keurig K Cups $1.67 per box !! Price Match, Use Coupons & Mail in Rebate!!!

Coupon Nannie

Amazing Deal on Keurig K Cups $1.67 per box

Even if you don’t live in Atlantic Canada you can score if you have a Walmart that price matches Canada wide 🙂

Starting tomorrow, Sept 18th at Atlantic Superstore  K cups are going on sale for $5.99 which include (Van Houtte, Timothy’s, Donut House, Green Mountian, Tully’s,Eight O’Clock, Folders, Maxwell House, Lipton, Melitta, or Camerons)  K Cups or Tassimo Tdiscs

Our Coupon Portal has 3 Amazing Coupons that you can print 2 of each!! Click Here
$2 Smart Source Coupon WUB1 or $3 Coupon WUB 2 or $5 Coupon WUB 3

Than there is that incredible offer for the pre paid credit cards (3 per family)  Click to see previous post!! 

Works out to approx $1.67 per box when all said and done 🙂 Not bad huh!! ($5.99*3=$17.97- $5 coupon = $12.97 – $8 per paid card = $4.97 / 3 boxes is $1.67


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