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Dove Testing Opps!! Brand Power – Home Tested Reviews #Brandpower

Brand Power

Brand Power – Home Tested Reviews


Brand Power is a great way to give back your feedback on new and exciting products! You can get opportunities to try new products, get rewarded with coupons and free products just for giving your honest non edited opinions!

I’m sure your thinking; yeah if it’s on TV there are probably a million members and you’d never get a chance to try or win. Untrue! Brand Power puts right on their site how many members from each province they have!

Things to know :

  • Each, we will be rewarding members who submit the best reviews with New Product Packs!*
  • Remember, every month we send a package of some of the New Products to the most active people on our site. You can be a winner this month so happy commenting!


I’m pretty active on the site! Keeping an eye on their Facebook Page and Twitter and my emails for great opportunities!

Each month, simply logging in and doing reviews on the products of the month (there is 12 this month) increases your chances of receiving offers, promotions, coupons and freebies!!

If your not a member you should sign up; it’s Free and a great way to score some freebies; who couldn’t use free stuff and coupons to help keep that budget in line?  Simply Click Here and register at the Top Right of the page! Check it out and see if you can score the special envelop with savings this month!!

New Opps as of April 2016

Dove Beauty Products

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