Are you having issues with your account? Could this help?


Are you having issues with your account?

I have seen multiple posts in various groups, blogs and from my own personal experience in regards to people having suspended account. I myself had recently found this issue. I went to log in and it said suspended account with a message of possible multiple accounts. Well I know I don’t have multiple accounts and I have probably had my account since the beginning when they first opened and never had an issue. Before I sent off an email fuming mad I sat and thought for a few moments and had to try to think on what would have caused such a misunderstanding.

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OMG I know Exactly what the issue is! I am registered with with my gmail account however my Facebook account was set up with a different email account. I assumed that when I started getting lazy and hitting the log in with Facebook button that created the issue. I sent both a support email and inboxed on Facebook. The issue has been resolved and I should be expecting my coupons this week 🙂

If you are getting this message when you go to think about the situation I had; could your issue be caused due to the same thing.

Email support

Inboxed on Facebook

Or ask on their Facebook page. Ensure you tag them so they see your inquiry. To “tag” someone simply put @withnospaces . For example if you want to tag Coupon Nannie you would “tag: me by typing it like this @CouponNannie  !

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