Are you missing Exclusive Shoppers Drug Mart Coupons!!! See why your not getting your Coupons!

sdm1Check your emails for this subject as shown in the picture from Shoppers Drug Mart~~ You could be missing out on Exclusive coupons JUST for you!  These coupons shown have the last 4 of my Optimum Number so they can’t be traded or shared 🙂

**Other Tips Make sure you sign up  with an email address such as hotmail, gmail etc when subscribing to newsletters. Email programs that allow you to manage your own Spam otherwise you may not get the emails. I have signed up with my mail eastlink address and don’t get my updates however when I changed it to gmail and VOLIA 🙂 Lots of Bonus Coupons not just for Points coupons by cents off 🙂


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