Are you really saving a Bundle with your Bundle?

bundleAre you really saving a Bundle with your Bundle?

When we often talk about saving money on utilities such as phone, TV, Internet & Cell phone. The most common reason people use for not changing it is that they have a bundle so they are saving money!

For years and years, we too believed this too; that in a bundle we were saving money. We had a bundle that included home phone, all the features, high speed internet & Digital cable with DVR’s. It was approx $175 a month Plus Long Distance or approx $200 including long distance & taxes. Oh and we had cell phones except for my youngest Tylia who was 9 at the time!

The “Save Money” when you bundle only is a Savings if your actually taking full advantages of ALL the services compared to regular price if separate..

  • Home phone approx $20 and $12.95 a month for all the features – to get separate or stand alone service – unless you get a promotion where they include all the extra’s except long distance for $20 a month- We realized in our home the only person using the house phone was Tylia who was than 9 for her father to call her daily; the rest of us used our cell phones. On my cell phone I could call my family and it wasn’t long distance however on my land line that same call would be long distance 🙁 We ditched our home phone and got Tylia a pay as you go cell phone and a $10 phone card a month which allowed her unlimited 1 number calls for $9 per month. Since only her father called her we picked his number as the number and she could call her father and he could call her anytime. Since you “Pick” a plan so to speak it subtracts your “plan” fee for the month up front; She wouldn’t have enough left on her phone card each month to make another call so no fear of that!
  • Digital Cable – The base digital cable  & HD & DVR & Extra “package deals or themes” {You know how it’s cheaper to bundle themes to save even more money} I asked everyone in the house to make a list of the channels they watch regularly and than compared it to our bill; I realized we did use the DRV to record things as we weren’t here when they showed. The next call I made was to disconnect our service and send back the equipment. The shows we recorded with the DVR were things like General Hospital (that I know watch on Youtube daily), Grey’s (which I can watch on the CTV website the following day) and I was shocked to see the kids really didn’t have any must haves; they were excited to know we were getting NetFlix (The kids know how to get the USA shows) on the Canadian subscription for $7.99 a month!
  • High Speed InternetNeed it; keeping it even at approx $60 per month!
  • Long Distance We scrapped the $25 a month unlimited long distance plan and I added a $5 a month for 500 Long Distance minutes to my cell phone encase we needed to call long distance!

Sooooooooooooo our $200 Bundle & Long Distance Package is now around $80 per Month for the services we USE! Check over your bill & bundle and see if you really are saving in your bundle!

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