Are you selling your home? What Buyers don’t want to see!!


Please not the following is from my personal experiences & opinions only; things that turn you off may differ! Many of my frequent readers have been well aware that we have been shopping for a house and finally found one. I want to share with you some things you can do to help sell your home. These were things I noticed while looking at some and well once certain things are in your head; that’s all you think about and cannot get over those and pass! I know many people watch those shows on TV and follow what they say to the letter and well……………. it doesn’t always work out as intended!

  • I have seen some of those shows where it tells you to take down ALL your personal pictures. If your picture has been on that wall for 10 years and NEVER removed; please leave it there. I probably won’t even notice it however if I see this strange “clean/new” looking rectangle on the wall it will draw my attention and it will remind me how dated the walls are and in my head I am going to start adding up how much it will cost me in renos
  • Please remove or hide all your ashtrays. I really don’t want to see an ashtray full of butts and empty beer cans on the nightstand beside your unmade bed!  Please use some air fresher as I don’t want to smell it. The same goes for liquor bottles. When I check out the linen closet I would prefer not to see tons of empties!
  • While I understand you are moving since you are selling your house; your probably de cluttering. Please get rid of that stuff before you begin your showing. If the house appears cluttered; it’s going to feel small. If I pull in the driveway and see a HUGE pile of junk; I am going to be concerned about how well the house was taken care of.
  • Clean doesn’t cost anything. While sometimes you can’t afford to updated everything in the house, you can clean everything and make it look clean. Clean can make up for things that are dated. It shows that you maintained your home well which says lots to a buyer. If you have small children. Mr Clean magic eraser can be your new best friend.
  • Replace simple things such as light bulbs (check your provincial energy efficient programs; very often they will provide you with a free evaluation and provide you at no charge, light bulbs, low flow shower head, etc) , broken switch plates or plug ins. These are very in expensive items
  • Lawn maintenance – Having your lawn mowed, items trimmed, etc. make the world of difference. No one expects anything to be perfect however I don’t want to walk across your lawn and be able to tell you mowed your 2 foot tall grass, 10 minutes before I got there and than had the kids jump over it to pat it down! I don’t want to fall in a hole while viewing the property!
  • Don’t be sneaking – I would rather know I had to fix a hole in the floor opposed to walk on a mat that is hiding the hole and trip!
  • I love dogs! I have 4! But……. BUT.………….. If I am coming to view your home; can you please take them with you while I view your home. Dogs; even if they are in crates; when strangers are in their space; they bark and can become aggressive. If you want me to buy your home, do you want me to be paying attention or being distracted by the dogs or paying attention to your house?
  • Fresh Paint – While I understand you may not be able to freshly paint your full home, pick some trim or a room that needs it the most! You can normally get paint at a great discount at your local paint store! Neutral colors work the best such as Eggshell, etc. You don’t want to personalize it to the colors that suit you, your purpose is to make it look clean; that’s it!
  • Disclosures – If there is anything major please disclose it; Most buyers; like myself are going to be getting a home inspection and find out anyways. Why not start the buyer/seller relationship off on a high note so the process goes well for both sides 🙂


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