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Are you storing your food properly for the longest life and best taste? #Foodstorage

Food prices are soaring through the roof, money is tighter all the time and as consumers we waste way too much food. We can’t control everything but there are some things we can control such as storage. Knowing how to store our food properly, where it should be stored and how long it can be stored for are very important in cutting down waste.  While I know we all like to think we know how to do simple things like where to store food, there are always new tricks we can learn.

Fruits and vegetables are a huge cost and to make them them last the longest, let us ensure we are storing them the correct way. fruit storage Many fruits and vegetables are fine at room temperature while others require refrigeration as seen in this cute little fridge picture I found somewhere on the net.  I was wrong about a few 🙁 How many were you wrong about?

fridge chart










Even the way you place items in your fridge, the correct spot, can make a difference on shelf life and extending your foods life. I found this nifty picture of the inside of a fridge that carefully illustrates where items should be placed.


















Now that we know what fruits and vegetables should go where and the best place to put food in your fridge, I found one more photo that gives you a guide on shelf life of some common foods.

food storage

Eggs are a common one people often ask how long they are good. We have farm fresh eggs so they do not get washed or put in the fridge until we are getting close to eat them. Most people purchase them in a store. Here is a guide for you to be able to tell if your eggs are good or should be tossed.


Keep in mind, these are simple guides to help you extend the life of your food and store it properly for less waste. Do you have any secrets to making food last longer? Feel Free to post them in the comments

Published originally April 6, 2015 however the egg portion was added on March 8, 2018

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