Atlantic Canada NoFrills Now Accepting #Coupgon Get $5 FREE


** Please note information in this post I saw on #SavingWithGail : I believe in giving credit where credit is due **


ATLANTIC NO FRILLS IS NOW ACCEPTING COUPGON!!!!! Get $5.00 off your bill when you download the FREE Coupgon app and enter the promo code NOFRILLS

If you do not know what Cougpon is you can download it by visiting them here

You may not see No Frill in your list of available  list of grocery stores yet, but it will however placing the code in the promo box will get you the $5 credit and it will be ready to use when No Frills shows up on the list very shortly!

Where do you put the code? You go to your account on the app and scroll down to where you see Promo, click on that and than type in the code



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