Attention Credit Card Users at Walmart Photo Centre #CreditCards #WalmartPhotoCentre

photocentreAttention Credit Card Users at Walmart Photo Centre


I went to the Walmart photo Centre online tonight as I wanted to upload some photos for a project I wanted to do for the new house and was surprised to see this

We were recently informed of a potential compromise of customer credit card data involving Walmart Canada’s Photocentre website, Our customers’ privacy is of the utmost importance. We immediately launched an investigation and will be contacting customers who may be impacted. At this time, we have no reason to believe that, or in-store transactions are affected. As we gather the facts, we recommend Walmart Canada’s Online Photocentre customers monitor their card transactions closely and immediately alert their financial institution about any unauthorized charges.

You can access their page here for any updates, as well as the # for concerns or questions.


Please be sure to spread the word so people can check their credit card statements to ensure they were not compromised.

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