Mail your JUNK mail in Pre Paid Envelopes and Earn CASH ~~~

junk mail

Get Paid for your Junk Mail 🙂

Tired of spam? Join this panel and get paid up to $75 the first year just for signing up! It’s FREE to join. Just complete a quick survey to see if you qualify. Open to Canadian residents only who use either AOL, Yahoo and Gmail as their email service provider.

In addition, we have a physical spam program where you can earn $5 per month. This is how it works. Each month, we will mail you several envelopes (postage is pre-paid) and ask that you send us unwanted offers that were mailed to you. In exchange for your participation in this portion of the study, SurveySavvy will pay you $5 for each month that you send at least three of the bags back.
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What a genius way to reduce, recycle and reap the benefits of your junk mail 🙂


  1. I signed up but am a little leery of the email forwarding part of the program, do you do it Coupon Nanny? I think it is a reputable company but just wondering what you think?

  2. Hi I tried to do the survey and when it came time to put in my address it would only let me put 5 digits of the postal code….

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