Back to School – Even if you don’t have kids you can Save!! Tips & Tricks to Save Big & Relax when the Back to School Rush Starts!

back to schoolBack to School – Even if you don’t have kids you can Save!!

I know your thinking OMG School just ended why worry about back to school yet? WHY? You can save HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!

  • This card is a MUST – SPC card– Savings that last the Entire School Year!

Dollar Store Suck in – Don’t overspend at the dollar store! Don’t assume its the cheapest as in MOST cases it is NOT. It is wonderful for:

  • Geometry kits (that we buy every year and the kids never use them)
  • Dictionary
  • Siccossors


I normally have 90 percent of my back to school supply shopping including back pack by August 10th.

Right now when you are out shopping….everywhere….. check the clearance bins & sections! Especially at stores you don’t expect such as pharmacies, Grocery Stores, you can get HUGE HUGE savings on last years stock so they can make room for the new “packaging”.

If you don’t have kids ask yourself do you use any of these items or use them as gifts??

Recent items I found:

  • 30 Sheets of Bristol Board at $0.09 Each 🙂
  • 4 packages of pencils @ $0.19 Each
  • 4 packages of 12 pens @ $0.79 Each
  • 7 X 1 1/2  inch – 2 inch binders @ 1.29 Each
  • package of dividers $0.29
  • Bookbag (my daughter even picked it out) Regular price $49.99 we paid $9.99
  • 3 X 24 Pack Crayola Crayons $0.49 each

Items Staples will have on soon that is WAY Cheaper than the Dollar Store

  • Lined paper (Seriously you can get this at ROCK bottom prices at back to school- STOCK UP! You should never pay over $1 for lined paper- EVER!!)
  • Erasers, pencils, rulers, pens, highlighters, markers, due a tangs
  • Tape!! (Do you really want to wait until close to Xmas and pay $3 or more a roll)

Other items to watch for and tuck away until back to school ( literately put it away as out of sight out of mind does work)

  • Sneakers – There are HUGE discounts on Sneaker at most sports stores right now; esp if you need to buy more than one pair!
  • Payless – Remember if you purchase shoes here…. but a pair…..spend 1 minute doing the survey on the receipt on your phone to get the code for $4 off your next pair of shoes $10 or more and than make your next purchase!
  • T- Shirts, Socks, Undies- Lots of Summer clothes are all ready slashed making room for back to school clothes. Kids were T- Shirt ALL year long, undies, socks (esp with Canada flag on them – they are in your sneaker who sees them)
  • Snacks- Stock up on snacks, juice packs, etc with all the amazing summer deals – To save space I bought a non see through lol Rubbermaid container and as I buy snacks I toss them in the container. Items such as cereal bars etc, I take out of the box and put in the bin as it takes way less room – Get a container you can slide under you bed- They will never find it 🙂
  • Water Bottles/Storage containers – Tons of clearance deals on “summer plastic” type containers, water bottles, etc Take advantage of these sales 🙂

Don’t leave yourself scrambling at the last minute and pay top dollar when you could get it all at rock bottom prices and relax when the back to school rush starts 🙂


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