Bad Apples – Is it really necessary!

bad applesBad Apples – Is it really necessary!

Over the last few days especially I have been reading on Facebook, Twitter and speaking with other bloggers and things are getting way out of control and things are going to be totally ruined if people don’t get a grip and grow up!

Most bloggers online do it because they love to help others; they get joy out of helping others save money, learn something new, or just seeing someone smile. It’s not about who they are; it’s not about being on some list of great sites that was motivated by unfair voting/popularity contests; its about the fans.

Cost of products and services continue to rise while wages don’t grow with that. MANY MANY families are living below the poverty line and rely on coupons, savings, tips and winning contests here and there to help them put food in their mouths each day.

Than there are the greedy, selfish. I need everything and everything is about me people. The ones who to fans say Oh I love you but behind fans backs talk about them as if they are pieces of trash. They lash out at other bloggers who do well and encourage others to follow suit. They set up multiple accounts (Facebook allows one account per person!)

The last few days I have seen & heard about various Facebook pages receiving warnings from Facebook (me included), pages disappearing, Pinterest accounts being hacked, Twitter accounts hijacked, pages needing to re start or take down contests or giveaways! I have seen “excessive” shopping trips and “ridiculous” price matching. I have seen people post they have 40 or more copies of coupons (printer) that the advertiser intended ONE per person.

I know of a store locally that had very relaxed coupon rules however due to a “group” once again taking advantage of opportunities this option is no longer an option. I know of others that have been taking ALL the tear pads, clearing shelves and other unethical practices.

There are groups of “clicks” who feel any post is about them and literally watch pages looking for reasons to make digs at them! They encourage others to “report” pages of other bloggers they don’t like and lie to fans so that fans will avoid those pages.

Which blog posts an offer first has no impact on my budget! I don’t care who had it first (you don’t get a bonus for that) I don’t care who had what sponsored contest first, or who did the biggest shop. I care about feeding my family and helping others feed their family!

If you don’t like a page, unlike it, if you don’t like a contest rules or prizes or how it’s organized; don’t enter it. If you don’t like another blogger; GROW UP and stay off their page! If you see tear pad coupons; take a few for your family and leave some for others. If there is 100 like items on a shelf at a store; how about taking  a few for your families needs and leave a few for someone else. Stop being selfish brats and be grateful that companies issue coupons, that there are apps designed to help you get cash back, that stores allow us to use coupons and that they have items in stock.

If people don’t start being reasonable and fair no one will have any of these issues; as there will be no coupons, no freebies, no rebates or giveaways. There will be high prices and we will all be stuck with it.

Don’t allow the bad apples to ruin it for everyone. Learn to stand up and say something! If you see someone doing something unethical off line or online Speak Up. Don’t bite their head off and accuse them of creating drama, realize they are speaking up to help and make everyone aware, avoid spending your valuable time and resources encouraging the behavior!

At the end of the day it’s suppose to be about helping each other save and bring a better quality of life to everyone financially!

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  1. There will always be people who take advantage and are greedy. They suck. I think that the big companies account for a certain percentage of these type of people. It really is unfair to others though.

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