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Bassili’s Best Lasagna is Delicious – Win FREE Food ! #BassilisBest

Bassili’s Best Meat Lasagna Bassili's Best

Fresh pasta with hearty tomato-meat sauce and mozzarella cheese

We all know that life can be busy and with school starting just around the corner; September tends to be one super busy month. Not only is it much busier but the financial burden can be a huge stress as well.

Our kids LOVE lasagna however sometimes there is just not enough time to make it from scratch and often we are looking for a quick solution that tastes good. There are many varieties out there, but which ones do not just taste like watery tomatoes?  THIS ONE! Bassili’s Best has great flavour with real cheese.

We picked up a 907g meat lasagna that serves 4. If you are feeding four, adding a small salad and some nice bread can make it a lovely meal; that is what we do at our house. There are 2 options for cooking. You can microwave it for 18 minutes. Not my preference however if your in a pinch; it works. If you cook it in the oven it takes 50 minutes but that is my preference. You can see from the piece above; the cheese is melted perfectly on top, the edges are just right and the sauce is mixed evenly through the entire piece. IMG_3727

Ad mentioned it is enough for four people. It contains only 300 calories per person, it has 20 g of protein, 3 g of fiber and only 1 g of sugar.  It contains both Vitamin A & C as well as Calcium and Iron.


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  1. Oh, this is the best, wont make my own again.
    got all my friends buying it…Only prob is we live in the
    Niagara area ontario…NO FRILLS here in Beamsville have it,
    now and then, was able to get one today !!
    so is the only other place that carries it is Walmart ??
    no one else….i would buy 10 to have..
    hope u responde, thank-you..Kathy Miller.

  2. When I make the regular lasagna, we have salad and garlic bread. When I make the chicken lasagna I normally make broccoli

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