Be Aware of these 7 Things Before you go Shopping !

shoppingShopping – How to avoid spending more!


  • 12 Double Rolls equal 24!!! – Really…….. how many of you are going to separate the roll of toilet paper to make 2 so that you can get your extra rolls!
  • New Packaging – Really………….. distracting you from the fact the “old” packaging had 10 items in it and the new one has 8!
  • No sugar Added (cost approx $0.10 more) – Read labels most time you’ll find neither contain sugar anyways!!
  • Limited Item! – Creates impulse or unnecessary purchase as what if you miss it!
  • Discounts on multi buy – Buy One, Get the Second 50% Off!!! Buy Two, Get the Third Free – Most often you spend more money than intended and bring home items you really didn’t need. What’s a better deal, spending $40 on a pair of jeans you LOVE and will wear all the time or grabbing 2 pairs for $60, one that you love and one that well……. you got them for 50%
  • Rebates that have time delay such as Spend $50 now and get $20 coupon off your next purchase! Make sure you plan on going back to that store otherwise your rebate or promotion is not valid 🙂
  • New Bigger box!! – Great ! Extra garbage, they make the box bigger but not that amount!


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