BOGO Sales ~ Are You Really Getting a Great Deal?? ~ #BOGO #Budget



When Bogo sales come on at grocery stores; often people get very excited. They get all wrapped up in the “Get one Free” part they don’t really take time to break it down. Very often you end up over spending and pay more than you normally would 🙁

not so good bogobetter bogoVery often with Bogo sales the normal price gets put up to help cover the cost of the free one; therefore your not really getting a deal 🙁

Example: 1.1 litre of Palmolive for $4.49 (Never in life have I paid that much for dish detergent) and you get one free?? Is that a deal? Would you pay $2.25 for one and think that was a good deal? Sounds like the regular price to me. I would purchase one if I needed it however I wouldn’t stock up as I don’t find thatt a great stock up price!

Example: Janes Fish is showing at $6.99 (regular price for one) which would make them $3.50 which I find a good deal for one and therefor will grab a few extras 🙂

TO find out if it’s a good BOGO deal always divide the price by 2 and see if that price seems like a “Deal” opposed to a regular price.

Great deals, check for coupons (remember when BOGO deals go on you can only use one coupon)

Bogo coupon

I will be grabbing some extra for the freezer 🙂 3.49 – $1 coupon is $2.49 so it will be $1.25 for each loaf 🙂

Next time there is a BOGO sale just make sure you are really getting the best deal and don’t overspend 🙂

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