Buy on Amazon ~ The Deals are Real ~ They go Quick ! No Joke #Amazon


If you buy on Amazon or are in of the many savings groups and pages and see them post the most amazing deals on Amazon and tell you it is limited time; often people are hesitant and don’t believe the deal or that it won’t be that deal again. Amazon is pretty odd and dramatic when it comes to deals. If you see a deal that says limited time and 72% off, I would go quick and buy what you need as they assign so many that are at that discount and it will probably be a long time before you see them that low. Things can go very very fast, especially  during the holiday season.

If you want to stay on top of the deals, make sure you are checking all your favourite sites, pages and groups. Extremely limited usually gets posted to Facebook first.

I posted some deals last night and less than 300 saw a few of the deals which is terrible considering the deals were extremely good 🙂

I am going to show you the difference from yesterday’s prices to today’s prices. Which would you rather pay??

And I bought 2 of these items that came to $6.27, now the price of one is $17.95

The difference in the prices are crazy in the matter of a few hours.

And yes people who post offers make a commission. It is about 2%



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