Buyer Beware! Important Information in regards to Teambuy/Deafind ! New Name!!! NCrowd

bbw Buyer Beware!!

Recently a message went out that everyone was aware of in regards to Teambuy and Dealfind were going bankrupt. One of the main issues was these companies were not paying the companies they were representing! Many small businesses were left hanging with No cash but yet expected to provide services! That puts both customer who bought services via teambuy/dealfind left cold and the businesses.

Earlier today, being a blogger some times we get business emails, indicating  NCrowd will be buying out teambuy/dealfind. First those companies went into bankruptcy and from this logo it seems well……….. in reality nothing has really changed.

If there is a serial killer named Jack ……………… changing his name to Kyle doesn’t change anything…………….. he’s still a serial killer. I really don’t see a difference here. The email update indicated they would come up with  great promotions to make up for the bad PR to make customers happy but really does a 40% discount or coupon code on an item or service you will never get and the  service provider will never receive money on really mean anything??


As announced, Couch Commerce Inc. (owners of & brands) is insolvent. An acquisition by NCrowd Commerce Inc. has been approved by the courts, and the transaction was finalized September 24, 2014.

Rest assured, we are also working on a comprehensive PR plan to counteract the negative media both and brands have received recently. More details will follow regarding Online Reputation Management. The dust is beginning to settle, and every day we gain a clearer picture of the new company and site structure.


Coupon Nannie will NOT promoting or encouraging anyone to purchase from the new named business. There are many many legit sites such as Wagjag, Groupon, or Buytopia that not only give customers a great deal but pay their merchants and service providers!!

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