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Can you get cash back when you shop in Canada or get items all for Free?

cash back canadaCan you get cash back when you shop in Canada or get items all for Free?

You have seen it on TV & have said to yourself; “I wish you could do that in Canada” and well; I’m here to tell you that you can! There are various ways that you can REALLY make money purchasing items at your favorite retail store!

  • In Canada when you purchase items at Giant Tiger or Walmart and use coupons; if the amount of the coupon is more than the product you get the “overage” volcu voltIf you were to by this product and use this coupon you would make $0.61 !!



  • There is also another option but it is not as instant, many products have mail in rebates that can applied to a regular purchase or with  mail in rebate. You can purchase the item above anywhere (you will only get the overage at Giant Tiger or Walmart) making the item free, however there is a mail in rebate valid for $10 Visa, which means you would be ahead of the game $10 mirkwith this Visa!
  • There are also NEW options (that strangely enough Canada got before the USA) that are Cash Back Apps! Each week you check the list and see what cash back offers are up for grabs, scan your receipt and get cash back. I did a comparison of the 4 and you can click here to see that!


There are lots of offers like this all the time that you can get the item for FREE or actually be ahead of the game and make money when buying items 🙂


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