Can you use a Coupon + Mail in Rebate + Checkout 51? Here is a senerio to help you with that :)

F-DoveMen-1000pts-SE.jpgWhat you need to know to ensure your getting the most points you can 🙂

This offer at Shoppers says you get 1000 Optimum Points when you spend $15 or more on participating Dove Men Care Products.

What you need to know:) The $15 Amount to spend on Dove Men’s care is the $15 AMOUNT IS BEFORE COUPONS!!

  1. Don’t panic the cash does it automatically 🙂
  2. For extra assurance I have an email from head office 🙂 Click here to check it out 🙂


You are going to Shoppers Drug Mart and you have 3 coupons all valued at $1.50. Men’s Dove Body Wash is on sale for $5.49, You decide to purchase 3 for a total of $16.47 (not including taxes) which makes you eligible for the 1000 Bonus Optimum points 🙂 You will Also earn REGULAR Optimum Points on the $5.49 amount. Once you give them your $1.50 off coupon your total will be $11.97 (DO NOT ARGUE WITH CASHIER~ Your POINTS will be on your receipt )

*** IF there was  a Mail in Rebate for Dove (example) that you needed to spend $15 on products; It is OK that you used coupons. Circle the products on your receipt with the price and you can mail in the receipt and get your rebate too 🙂

**If there was a Checkout 51 offer for say $1 off Dove mens ! Even though you used a coupon and qualify for a mail in rebate you can still claim your Checkout 51 credit!!

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