Caution on using Glade Air Freshers ~ Follow up from Damaged Table~

product-large-glade-expressions-oil-diffuser-starter-lavender-juniper-berry-1Follow up in Regards to Damaged table. Click here to see the story!

Spoke to a Senior Representative today.

  • Despite the product remove furnish from the table they claim that the oil will not harm small children or animals. ~ Not believing that (they claimed the did studies however I’m having trouble believing someone volunteered their small child to try it out~
  • Due to the product apparently have warnings on the package ~ I have an identical one and fail to see this warnings on the label~ for that reason they claim they wouldn’t be liable!
  • HOWEVER (cracks me up) the product is suppose to be spill proof/leak proof and in this case even though it tipped over the product failed to met that standard thus the table being damaged.

What is being done:

  • I am being set a “kit” and I am suppose to take the table to a furniture repair person to get an estimate of what it costs to sand the complete table and varnish it to match the set.
  • I am required to submit that to Johnsons.
  • I already sent a picture so I do not need to do that.
  • Always keep the product! ~ even if you threw out the packaging~
  • They will evaluate my claim and “fix” the issue.

I’ll be sure to update you on what happens ! In the mean use them at your own risk around small children, pets and any furniture you don’t


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