Cell Phones ~ Do you want it both Ways??~ Are you Guilty??

cellCell Phones ~ Do you want it both Ways??~

Do any of the following apply to you you?

  • People CONSTANTLY on their phone drive you NUTS
  • People who text steady!
  • Have you ever wanted to grab a phone from someone and say, “OMG DO YOU EVERY PUT DOWN THAT PHONE”?

Bet one of those apply to you!! BUT are you also Guilty of:

  • Do you ever call someone and get Upset you got voice mail and later said, “WHY DIDN’T YOU ANSWER WHEN I CALLED”?
  • Or state, you never answer when I call?
  • Have you hung up on a voice mail and than called right back (like it was making a huge difference)?

I just had this “disagreement” with my mother lol Yes Coupon Nannie is almost 40 years old and I still get scoaled ! We do not have a house phone; everyone has cell phones; it’s 2013 it’s quite common. HOWEVER just because we have cell phones that we can choose to take with us; that does not make us obligated to answer every time or have it with us all the time lol

My Mother chooses not to get Call Display (with Bell if you don’t pay to have call display your number also does not display on others who have call display ` I don’t get it either but whatever) so when my mother calls me it always shows up Unknown Name/ Unknown Number; as does telemarketers, etc.

I made the error tonight at going to the washroom the moment my mother (who only calls me “maybe” once a month to give me the 911 on who died that I knew when I was 2; or who has this or who married or divorced, the call starts with me saying 2 words, “Hello” and listening for an hour and than me saying “Bye”. When I arrived back out from the washroom the phone was ringing again at which point I did answer the phone!

My mother; “Where were you? Why do you never answer your phone? Did you listen to your voice mail?” not that I got a chance to respond between questions lol she continued to rip a strip off me!

Mother…….. I had to go to the washroom, you left a message and called right back I haven’t had a chance to check voice mail you didn’t give it a chance………….and I was cut off LOL

~ Reminder ALL CELL PHONES are not GLUED to ALL People 24/7 ~

Sometimes it takes more than 1 ring for us to answer!

We do not get an electric shock when we get a text; the series of ?????? on many texts after doesn’t make us answer any quicker!

We Choose to pay for voice mail for a  REASON! If you want me to get a hold of you, Leave your name and number and I will CALL you back (But NOT UNTIL I GET OFF THE TOILET AND WASH MY HANDS!! )

If I CHOOSE not to answer my phone it does NOT require me to give a detailed account of WHY I didn’t lol What I was doing? Any WHY THAT was more important! 🙂

Sooooooooooo remember there are 2 sides to every phone 🙂





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