Chapmans’ Kids Ice Cream Products Coupon!! Limited #Icecream #Coupons


Chapmans We got this in an email!!

At Chapman’s, we couldn’t be more excited about the launch of our new Kids Line of products, and we want to share the excitement with you!

That’s why we’re offering a limited number of $1 off coupons to be redeemed with the purchase of any of our eight new Kids Line Products.

Immerse yourself in a fairy tale adventure of 8 fantastic flavours!

Claiming a coupon is easy. Simply click on the link below, complete the brief form, select “Claim Your Coupon”, and you’re done! We’ll send you a coupon in the mail. Then, all that’s left to do is enjoy some delicious ice cream!

Hurry Order yours here , Only 30 000 up for grabs!

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