Check & Double Check Your Bills! #Check #Bills

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Check & Double CheckCheck & Double Check Your Bills!

We all know Santa checks his list and checks it twice wanting to know who’s naughty or nice. You know why Santa does that? Santa knows mistakes can happen. Unlike Santa we don’t have a team of elves to help us 🙂

Here are some things you may not know.

  • After 60 days you accept your bills as correct and responsibility for all charges from places like the phone company, credit card companies,  cell company, power company etc. You could be being charged for a year wrong on your bill but you will only be able to get credit back for the last 2 months.
  • When you first begin services such as a new cell phone plan etc you are highly likely to get extra changes added to your bill. Many sales people get a commission for the extras such as adding internet, etc. Most cell bills are pro rated meaning you pay for part of a month and a month in advance thus by the time you get your next bill you are way into the 90 day mark.
  • Many different utilities give you 2 months free, 3 months free and well we forget to remove them.
  • Phone companies have the extra features for example 3 for $7.95 or say all of them for $12.95 and they tell you that the $12.95 is a better value. If you are only using voice mail and call display… $12.95 is NOT a better value. Watch these key words.
  • This will be hard to believe but but even Revenue Canada makes mistakes. Look over your tax return. Very recently they reassessed my income tax and “claimed” I put down that I paid $250 more in income tax than I did. I only had 3 slips and one didn’t have any deductions. I cashed in an investment and paid $250 income tax and when I did my taxes I did send my slips however whomever reassessed me must have missed it. So I sent in a copy with an explanation and the error on their part was corrected.
  • If you get paper bills; check and see as many are charging you to get a paper bill.
  • Your cable bill you may only need to pay for more one channel instead of an entire package.
  • Check your credit cards as many are charging you crazy insurance rates to ensure you balances that you don’t really need. If you do keep insurance on your card; take the time to find out what it covers to get the most from it.

Make a point of checking your bills each month and ensure you don’t have any extra charges and if you do get it resolved as quick as possible!!

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  1. I change my banking package to a cheaper rate and told them I didn’t need over draft. So they charge me the cheaper rate and added overdraft by itself…really???

  2. Great info , i always check my bills , no ones gonna pull anything over on this chick lol , thanks for sharing 🙂

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