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 I am always very excited to try other methods of pain management rather than just pain killers! I jumped on the chance to review Deep Relief to see how effective it was in helping to alleviate or lessening muscle pain & tension. I wasn’t looking for it for myself however I was for my 11 year old daughter. When you see her amazing smile, watch her kick a ball across a soccer field or play with her niece you wouldn’t think there was anything “wrong” with her. What you can’t see is her constant pain 🙁

When my daughter Tylia was 6 she began to complain that her neck, shoulders and arms would often hurt. This continued and I’ll never forget when I realized there was something wrong! I remember sitting in emergency with my daughter and I could see the nurses station which had a place to look at xrays; the group of doctors and nurses were growing around whatever was displayed on the xray. I could hear comments such as; “How old is she” “Wow, 2”.

Tylia had not one, but 2 ribs growing off C7 in her spine. The doctors indicated it’s uncommon and while many do have one cervical rib, having two is rare. Finding them in a 6 year old is extremely rare as they are normally not discovered until they are teens or later.  In Tylia’s case her muscles and tendons are wrapping around those little ribs thus causing significant pain. Tylia is very active in sports, etc and there are various medical reasons why they have not been removed yet.  Despite her wishes lol she cannot have a messages and acupuncture daily. She is only 11 now and you can see my reasons for not wanting her on prescription pain pills or even over the counter on a regular basis!

I check out the active ingredients on their webpage as I really wanted Tylia to try this out; being a child I like to be very careful. I was happy to see that the ingredients included methyl salicylate (derived from wintergreen) and soothing vanilla extracts. Knowing it’s from trusted company for Canadians for over 50 years and endorsed by the Canadian Chiropractic Association are definite pluses!!



IMG_9523 (456x640)Thus Why my 11 year  old Tylia is my Pain Management Expert!

Tylia walked in the door from her soccer practice and as you can image she was in pain 🙁 I let her know we had a new product to try; Deep Relief; she smiled but didn’t look very hopeful; poor girl 🙁 She’s willing to try anything! You can almost see the swelling on her spine 🙁

The first thing she said; as I was spraying her back and shoulders; “Wow that smells like bubble gum” . It soooooooooo did! It reminded me of Hubba Bubba ! Definite plus!! Products that have that “medicine smell” aren’t fun!

I sprayed her back and shoulder area and noticed how quickly it was absorbing into her skin; it wasn’t runny nor did it get on her clothing (I hate stuff that ruins your clothes) Tylia went upstairs and that’s all I saw from Tylia until bed time.

When she got out of the tub she approached me and asked if I could put more Deep Relief on her back. I asked if it worked.

What Tylia says about the effectiveness of Deep Relief?

Tylia said when I first spray it on it seems “really hot” for the first minute or two however that “really hot” simmers down a bit. Ty indicated the really hotness was though her muscles and afterwards she realized it was just the “sore” muscles getting their kick start from the spray 🙂 It made her muscles feel not so tight and her shoulders and neck didn’t feel as stiff at all.  Than the preteen came out, “Mom if it didn’t work would I be asking you to put more on, duh” ! Soccer practice was the next day after school sooooooo now the rest of the can of spray is in her book bag !

This weekend when I’m out at Shoppers, I’ll be sure to pick up a back up can as they are only around $8.99 and worth Every Penny!


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