CheeCha Puffs found at Super Store :) In Nova Scotia with a Great Free OFFER!!!

IMG_6727 (480x640)Found today at SUPER STORE!!

Truro, Nova Scotia on Sale for 2/$5 if you have a BOGO coupon your looking at 2 bags for $2.50 PLUS look at the offer on the bag.

A 7 Day Goodlife fitness pass!

Please note it says the offer expires May 31st!! All that means is you need to take that sticker and the UPC with receipt to a Goodlife before May 31st to get your pass. You pass does not need to be completed by May 31!

Pick up your pass before the 31st to not miss the offer 🙂 Passes are generally good anywhere from 30-90 days past initial issue!

This is good for non members only (***FYI this is a great opportunity to met with someone to get ideas on what works best for you. Most newcomers to a fitness center get introductions, etc 🙂 Check your local facilitate as many have child care services as well 🙂

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