Cheese Please – But Can your Freeze?

cheeseCheese Please – But Can your Freeze?

Can you freeze cheese is a question I get asked quite frequently so that the cheese doesn’t crumb or loose consistency!

They key to freezing cheese properly isn’t so much in the way it is stored it is the way it which it is removed from the freezer and thawed!

  • Block Cheese
  • Cheese Slices
  • Cheese Strings
  • Shredded Cheese

These forms of cheese are most frequent in consumers homes. You can simply place the unopened sealed cheese in your freezer; It will freeze and keep just fine!

When you need your cheese the key is to take the cheese out of your freezer and place it unopened in your fridge for a period of approx 8-12 hours. Than open and use as usual 🙂 You’ll never be able to tell the difference that it was frozen!

Want to prolong the cheese even longer; esp if you live alone and don’t want to waste any cheese? Shredded cheese, cheese strings, etc. Simply open the Frozen package and take out the amount you need and place it in the fridge; leaving the reminder of the packaging in the freezer until you need it again 🙂 This will prevent you from having all the cheese in your fridge and eliminating waste 🙂

** Why cheese crumbles when taken out of freezer in some cases?** Crumbling cheese is one of the major complaints when people freeze and thaw cheese and that’s due to the fact it was not thawed properly. In order to prevent the packaging and cheese from sweating or forming condensation in the package which causes the cheese to change it’s composition due to the moisture properties. This normally happens when cheese is taken from the freezer and set out on the counter or ran under hot water to “speed up” the thawing process

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