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xmasbdayChristmas & Birthday Presents ~ Kids ~


I way too often to see comments about buying Christmas presents for their children, buying birthday gifts for children who have birthdays close to Christmas and birthday parties! These same persons make comments about kids being so spoiled, disrespectful and materialistic. All I can say is Parents you need a wake up call!!

Your making these holidays about you & your needs not about your child. Your wasting money and stressing yourself out for no reason. I am 41 and out of every Christmas I can remember one thing about presents. I remember my Great Uncle Jerry getting me a stuffed ostrich. I also remember hearing someone’s house burnt down and we were collecting toys for the kids and I gave my ostrich away as I figured the kid who had no toys deserved it more than me.  I asked my son who is now 18 what gift he remembers the most and he remembers his race car bed (he had that bed for 12 years & than gave it away) and Tylia who is now 12 remembers her beauty set (The kids will kill me for posting this picture) . Neither had any idea how much the items cost. 10400967_78431790077_2423_n

Children do not have a concept of cost, dollars, value for the most part; it is us adults that do. I have seen people post and also my mother is like this (oh dear the phone will ring now)…………. that more is better. That 100 silly presents is better than 2 good presents. NO NO NO

I see others that say its the cost of the present. That a $100 present is better than a $20 present! NO NO NO


The best present is one that acknowledges the persons true interests. Something “thoughtful”  I recall when my step brother  & I were younger he loved to draw so the sketching book and pencils  I bought him at the dollar store were one of his favorite presents.


I see tons and tons of post people asking complete strangers “What should I get my kid for Xmas they have everything?” There are a few steps you MUST do first.

  • You and your child must go into your child’s room together
  • Together make decision and get rid of ALL toys, books & clothes that either your child doesn’t use/like/read/wear any more or hasn’t been used in the last 6 months!
  • Talk with your child regardless of age and let them know that all children do not have the luxury of all these things and that their old items will go to someone who doesn’t have anything.
  • You & Your child go together and donate these items to any church, food bank, etc. I guarantee any of them will take them.

Now ask and find out what likes your child actually has not what you “think” they have. You may be quite shocked at the difference, between what you think they want and what they want.

Things you may not have considered:

  • Character or special bedding ~ I know my my 12 year old wants a mattress topper to make her bed more comfy lol (I would have never guessed that) – I bought Devyn a Hello Kitty pillow case and she has wanted to sleep in her big girl bed ever since with no problems)
  • A Sled,Shovel, Ski’s for yard, older kids may want a snow board or pass to the ski hill depending on where you live.
  • Extra channels on the cable, Itune card
  • Lessons ~ Swimming, Karate, etc
  • No name toys ~ You can get a “kitchen center” at Walmart for $20 for the kids with no name on it or a “Little Tykes” for $119.
  • Gifts for Grand Parents, etc. Get a few picture frames from the dollar store and let the kids paint them or glue sparkles, etc onto them, insert either a picture of the child or a drawing 🙂

My daughter has a Birthday very close to Christmas; December 27th ! There is only one rule we ask when it comes to her birthday. Please use Birthday paper or card (that’s it) When she was little I at first was struggling on how to keep them separate and than well it was decided. Her birthday she will always get jewellery. When she was little it was gold necklace or bracelet, than earrings, etc. She never knows what it is going to be for sure but she knows its going to be jewellery. it never gets old 🙂 It’s special to her. It makes it so it doesn’t blend in with Christmas; it stands out.

Birthday Parties~  You don’t need to spend TONS of cash! Kids don’t know the difference, The Children will not notice that the cake is sitting on a regular blue paper plate opposed to one with cookie monster on it! Keep it simple, don’t break the bank.


Do you have any suggestions for gifts, parties, etc?



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