Christmas is Coming! Things to be Mindful about ! #Christmas #stressfree #Mindful

Christmas is coming!



With the holidays coming it can be extremely stressful financially and those that have a little extra cash have bendable hearts.

Things to consider if you want to help others:

  • Don’t respond or fall for ads of Kijiji or Craigs list; there are too many scams out there from people who are looking to take advantage.
  • Donate directly to your local food bank, church or other recognized charity!
  • Donating over the holidays does not need to cost money, you can volunteer your time at the local food bank, soup kitchen, church present distribution area.
  • Remember seniors. Very often at Christmas times many many seniors don’t apply for programs, have no family. Taking time to visit a seniors place or even a neighbor, baking some cookies or an extra plate of your holiday dinner. Walking through a seniors complex and leaving a holiday card for everyone could make many many people Happy!


I have seen it voiced on many Mommy groups where parents are concerned they don’t have enough money for Christmas or they haven’t spent enough on their children.

  • Children don’t understand the concept of money, value, etc so don’t stress.
  • It’s not the amount of items or the cost of an item that Children enjoy, its the “spirit” of the holiday. It is us grown ups that need a reality check !
  • Check the dollar store. You need to check frequently as they don’t get in tons one item in and they do have some AMAZING things! I grabbed a few things for the kids and took pictures to show you!

Frozen Mat I got for Braylee and Devyn for their rooms! $3 at the Dollarama!!

Hello Kitty Book and at the back is a play mat and 12 figures! Braylee & Sophia will be getting these as they love books and they were only $3!

Devyn will love this and check out the price! It is also Frozen!


All these items are popular with the kids and won’t break you wallet!  These are great items to grab for donating or for your own children.

Check different aisle of the store as things are all over the place. They have some really great things that children would be happy with!


Remember the holidays are about family not about money! If you do have credit cards DO NOT USE them as you will over spend and spend the next 6 months in the new year paying for Christmas!




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