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Tired of the cashier questioning your coupon? Stop by the store after work without your coupons? Live in an area where there are NEVER tear pads, you Never get Inserts, and no printer?  I think we have all been in one or more of those situations. Coupgon SOLVES this problem!!

Coupgon is just like paper coupons without the paper ~ how sweet it that?? Coupgon feels that helps simplify the process for customers. Coupgon wants your savings to be simple 🙂

IMG_4092 IMG_4093 IMG_4094 IMG_4095 Instant Savings in your palm! Coupgon is the newest money saving App for your device!  SUPER EASY!!

Coupgon is not a rebate program, you get your cash back instantly. This is the biggest differentiation from all the other similar apps around.

Check your store, pick your product, choose how many coupons you want (They vary from 1 -3) and VOLIA!!

Save Cash, No reading coupons, finding them or anything!

Want to know a big secret?? When you clip the coupons you want; they are reserved for you until they expire. You do not need to worry about the coupons being all gone before the expiry once they are clipped they are YOURS!!

Coupgon is EVERYWHERE! Every single province!!

.Here is the list of stores they are currently accepted in:

– Real Atlantic Superstore (PEI, NS, NB)
– Buy-Low
– Nesters Market
– Calgary Coop
– Federated Coop
– Atlantic Coop
– VillageMart
– ValuFoods
– Colemans
– The Grocery People
– PriceSmart
– Longons (Brampton, ON only)
– Giant Tiger
The following information in { } is a secret shhhhhh
{In July they will be rolling out to the Dominions in NFL}  ~ Remember it is a secret 😉
What other retailers are coming next??? Well…………… I couldn’t get them to spill the beans yet BUT as soon as I know…. I’ll share with all of you!!

Coupgon SavingsI have saved $63.50 INSTANTLY on Groceries so far!!!

Visit Coupgon  & Check out what stores are included so far, what offers are up this week!!

Coupgon is on Facebook ~ Make sure you like the page & check it frequently for Amazing Giveaways!

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** Disclaimer ~ No trees were harmed this saving money process **

Coupon Nannie & Coupgon ;

along with a few other great blogs have teamed up for this wonderful Giveaway!


Giveaway Begins June 12th & Ends July 3rd at 12 pm!

Each Winner will receive a $5 Coupgon that’s valid for 3 weeks! (You must have the Coupgon App to use the Coupgon)

The Coupgon is valid on any purchase of $5 or more at participating grocers

Giveaway Open to Canadian Residents Only 13+

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  1. Wish these store had WiFi. Can hardly ever use because I don’t have a data plan, giant tiger has no WiFi and at superstore, sometimes I can get on the real estate companies out in the hall, but most of the time no go. The app has really good offers!!

  2. I love the easy of it being on my phone, offers are generous, and quick app at cash register. I would love to see walmart included

  3. i like the great products you have to offer coupgons on, I like the stores I can use it at, I love how easy it was to use for the first time. I would love to see more fresh meat and veggie offers.

  4. I love Groupon because if though I forget my coupons sometimes I can still get a deal, its quick and easy and very easy to understand how to use it!

  5. I love the savings, how quick and easy to use it is, and that it changes every week! Would like to see more savings on meat!

  6. I love that Coupgon is paperless, I never worry about forgetting coupons at home and the savings are instant. I hope to see more stores added soon!

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