Coupon Match Ups! How to Retrain your Flyer Viewing into Savings ! A Guide to assit! With Deals from Sobeys Atlantic Starting Friday!!

One of the most Common Comments I hear is ” I don’t know how you find all those deals”!

They are all there you just need to retrain yourself on how you look at flyers, deals & prices.

This weeks Sobey’s Flyers is AWESOME this week to be able to show you how to put it all together. The process I go through, how I decide what is what and when to buy it :

Here are the steps I go through ! Don’t worry there are pictures with explanations down further 🙂

  1. I flip through the flyer and with a pen I mark an X beside all the products I can recall that I have coupons for, or if I recall a MIR or a Checkout51 Cash Back Rebate for !
  2. I now go though the flyer and circle or check mark all the items on sale this week that I know I NEED!! Not products that may want, or look like a good deal.
  3. I write down on paper with a pen (usually on the back of an expired coupon I printed or on the back of an envelope) I’m not wasting ink or paper to print it. I’m only going to throw the list in the garbage afterwards! My list of all the items I need, the cost, match up the coupons with it, at the bottom I put a total of what it should be out of pocket 🙂 These are the Items I NEED!!
  4. Now the deals & starting a stock pile 🙂 I now take yet another look through the flyer and all the items I put an x on that I know I have a coupon for and see how much of a deal I can get on this item (If I can get it for under $1 with the coupon…… I’ll look in the couch cushions for change if need be lol) if my budget can afford it this week I try to stock what I can. If you can get a good deal but you KNOW you have see it cheaper….hold tight…..don’t buy for the sake of buying!

IMG_8148 (640x366) Sweet Deal this week for Air Miles Collectors! 10 Air Miles when you buy these 3 items! Well everyone buys ketchup and we ALWAYS seem to need it! Those buns are yummy ! Johnson Sausages are on sale! Johnson will mail coupons to your home just like you see it this picture; every 3 months. You just need to ask nicely ! Click here and request your Johnson Coupons!

IMG_8155 (477x640) Here is another Freebie that doesn’t even need a coupon!! Spend $7.99 on Orange Juice and get Pancake Mix and Syrup FREE!

IMG_8166 (443x640)

Bertolli Olive Oil on sale for $2.99! Check for the $1 Tear pads in stores to pay only $1.99!!  I’m stocking up on this !





IMG_8156 (508x640) LOVE what you often hear referred to as s FPC – Free Product Coupon! I did a quick survey for Activia and scores this! How did I get an invitation to the survey? Make sure you sign up for Danone’s newsletter to get the FYI on any offers! Click Here to register! !

IMG_8158 (521x640)If you missed that opportunity that’s ok! Visit GoCoupons and get a $1 coupon in the mail! What? You need more coupons? Click here to visit Activia’s Promo Page!! You can get a $1 coupon via mailed to you!!

IMG_8163 (482x640)IMG_8165 (439x640)IMG_8167 (369x640)Look around the area for tear pads! Very often those big cardboard displays they have for promotion, they often have the tear pads!!

But you can score some amazing deals without coupons, with bonus Air Miles and deals!









Many times you will have various different Coupons for the same product. Place the coupons around the product and find the best possible deal for you!!! Check out the options below!!


 Facebook can often additional great options to access coupons!!

IMG_8164 (479x640)IMG_8159 (566x640)

How about Free with Coupon? Or Bonus Air Miles or Just Great Deals!!

IMG_8162 (640x590)IMG_8151 (254x640)IMG_8161 (637x640)IMG_8157 (452x640)


















Regardless of what they look like savings is Savings! Retrain your Mind to Look at Flyers with Savings in Mind!!


  1. Be sure that you are buying products you will actually use. Just because you have a coupon does not mean you should buy it. I notice that the sales are cyclical, meaning if you miss this sale it will be on again in a few weeks or months. Sometimes shoppping around is worth it, use flyers and sites like coupon nannie to help you find the best prices! Thanks for all the wonderful info!

    1. Total agree. I’ve been so thankful some times but just waiting and it has paid off big time!

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