Coupon Nannie’s Weekly Shared Fan Ticket ! ~ How it works ~ Need Charity Suggestions ~


Coupon Nannie’s Weekly Shared Fan Ticket !

How it works:

  • Each week a Minimum of 1 Lotto 649 basic ticket will be purchased

  • The words CouponNannie will be written on the top of the ticket

  • A picture will be taken of the ticket and posted Weekly

  • You must follow the step below on how to get your name on the ticket

  • Please see bottom for rules

How to get your name on the ticket:

  • Be a fan of Coupon Nannie

  • When the ticket is posted; you must like, share and comment Each week to have your name included on the ticket

  • The Winning Numbers will be taken from the Atlantic Lotto website and posted once the draw is complete

  • You must be over the age of 19 and be a Canadian citizen to participate.

How winnings will work 🙂

  • Due to the number of participants each week; if 200 people entered; the ticket would need to win $4000 in order for each person to receive $20. Therefore only winning amounts over $20 per person will be issued:)

  • Total Winnings of $100 and under will automatically go towards purchasing extra tickets for the next draw

  • Total Winnings of over $100 but under under $20 per person will be donated to a charity; proof of donation will be shown. We have fans from all over the county so donations can be made all over the country 🙂 I would say in increments of $100. If the total ticket winning was $600 and we had 300 entries (it would only be $2 per person) therefore we would be able to make 6 donations of $100 to different charities! Proof of donations would be posted 🙂

If you have a question please contact CouponNannie BEFORE entering !

***Please leave in comments a charity you would recommend to be included in the event we win 🙂

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