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Coupons are a very easy way to save money and they can add up quick! If you watch sales, add coupons along with cash back offers; sometimes it can be FREE! There are many of places to get coupons and sometimes they are right in front of your face and you do not even notice them until someone points them out. Now with loyalty programs you can save even more.

If you do not have a printer; it can be well worth your budget to buy what I call a disposable printer. They are the ones that go on sale for $40 at Walmart; they come with enough ink to print thousands of dollars in coupons. A packaging of paper is $5. When you are printing coupons they can be in black or white or colour; use the “draft” option in settings on your printer to use the least amount of ink. You are not printing a picture you are framing; your printing a coupon to save cash!

There are a variety of coupon networks that have coupons on an ongoing basis; they do change from time to time and I try my best to let you know when they do. I know time is valuable so here is a summary page with little snippets of each place you can find coupons.

Coupon Nannie
**Please note that Coupon Nannie makes 2 cents per coupon you print.

Smart Source – Smart source are printable coupons that we host right here on Coupon Nannie for you. You can print 2 of each coupon per browser per computer every 30-60 days. What does that mean? If you have Fire Fox, Chrome and Internet Explorer all on your laptop. You visit the Smart Source portal on Coupon Nannie with each of those internet browsers and can print each coupon twice. If you have all 3 installed that would be 6 of each coupon per computer. The large majority of coupons are over $1.00 and many are as high as $5.

Websavers – Websavers has been around for a long time and hosts a variety of coupons from companies such as Heinz, Baby Gourmet, Kelloggs and more. You can print them directly from your computer. One print per coupon per account. Provided you and your spouse and different email addresses you could both have an account.

  • Tasty Rewards – Tasty Rewards is hosted by Websavers which has printable coupons for Quaker Products such as Aunt Jemima, Crispy Minis, Doritos and more. These are Printable coupons. You can print ANY 4 coupons and any bonus ones if available. They go pretty quick. There is also options at times for PC Optimum Rewards and if you live in the correct areas; the option to add digital coupons (*Available at participating retailers in BC, AB, SK, MB and QC ) instead of printed.
  • Kraft Coupons – Kraft has a portal of printable coupons as well that is hosted by Websavers. These coupons change from time to time. You can get everything from coffee, cheese and even BBQ sauce.
  • Websaver Digital Coupons – At the current time this option is only available at participating retailers in BC, AB, SK, MB and QC. Digital Only
  • Zebra Coupons– This is the sister site to Websaver where you can get coupons MAILED to your home. There is a $2 charge for shipping but seriously 1 coupon and you got your investment back. You can order multiple of some coupons. Watch Coupon Nannie for chances for a code where you can get free shipping. – They have been around for a long time and have printed and mailed coupons. Sometimes you get an option to print or get the coupon mailed out; sometimes you don’t have an option.

Walmart Coupon Portal – Walmart has a coupon portal and often are duplicate of what has however that means you can get now get double the coupons. The coupons can be used anywhere unless they say Walmart only. They are both mailed and printed coupons.

Healthy Savings- Is a coupon portal sponsored by Pfizer that has printable coupons for all your favourite over the counter aids such as Advil, Centrum, Chap stick and more!

P&G Everyday– This is the Procter and Gamble website that has printable coupons for their products that you can print once every 30 days.

Check out all the loyalty programs, cash back and ways to earn free gift cards. I have personally saved and earned THOUSANDS!

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